Our Mission & Philosophy

JW Tumbles mission is “To shape the minds and bodies of the future” and this philosophy is centred on these three core principles: • Helping parents achieve both the physical and social goals they have for their children • Allowing each child to grow in their own way and at their own pace • Most important of all, for children to have fun while learning. Our curriculum is specially designed to enhance your child's abilities in such areas as physical skills, fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and sports preparation, We offer both parent participation and independent classes for children from 4 months to 9 years. Our time-tested skill- and confidence-building programs concentrate on helping children gain self-esteem and physical health in a non-competitive, high-energy environment. JW Tumbles has also created a unique niche in children's fitness by creating programs that focus on developing not just one skill, but many skills at the same time. We offer at least eight different activities per weekly class, keeping things not only fun but also interesting and stimulating. With parental encouragement and participation, children between the ages of four months to three years benefit from unique programs designed to engage and challenge each child based on his or her age and developmental milestones. From singing silly songs, to swinging on cool swings, crawling through thrilling tunnels, hanging like a monkey from a trapeze and learning how to cross the balance beam, your Tumbler will experience how fun it is to learn. For the more advanced Tumbler ages three to nine years, classes focus on such things as sports preparation, teamwork and conditioning. Tumblers learn how to serve in tennis, swing a golf club, bump a volleyball, throw a football, jump rope and conquer the rock wall. In addition to these fun activities, Tumblers also learn gymnastics skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, balance beam, uneven bars and more. All activities are age-appropriate and are geared to bring out the learning adventurer in each child.